All Vehicles leased by the Lessor carry comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers all kinds of accidents, payments even to third party.All claims to be settled as per Republic of the Union of Myanmar Insurance Laws.

The Lessee also undertakes to fill and sign the Accident Reporting form of the insurance company and/or the Lessor as applicable.

The Lessee shall ensure that in case of accidents/legal cases, the Lessee will make himself/ herself available foe settlement of such cases. The Lessee shall keep the Lessor, its directors and employees indemnifies against all consequences, claims and demands that may arise as a result of injury/ suffering by any accident or any other event caused by the Lessee.

(All details are mentioned in agreement.)

Maintenance Schedule

The standard maintenance schedule by the Lessor is every 3,000 miles per vehicle and/or within the timeframe of every six (6) months from the last servicing date. However, if in case, the leased vehicle is not available for the maintenance schedule, the Lessee can request to the Lessor of servicing it within the 500 mile different range, may it be less or more, from the standardized 3,000 miles schedule.

During the maintenance servicing, if the Lessor has discovered that the Lessee has, in anyways, modified the vehicles such as but not limited to changing, replacing and/or missing original equipment, accessories, spare parts and others, the Lessee has to compensate in full to that Lessor at the time of maintenance.

Lessee is not entitled to service the vehicle apart from the referred/ authorized service center without any prior approval in writing/ email by the Lessor.

Standard Maintenance Services like:

A.    Tire repair / replacement – every 20,000 Miles if required, based on the recommendation from Service advisor / expert
B.    Standard services
C.    Battery replacement
D.    Engine rune-ups
E.    Oil changes and lubrication
F.    Brake adjustment / replacement
G.    Electrical, mechanical and other such repairs

Deposit Payment Term

Daily Rental – Deposit of 1 Day Rental payment = Daily Rental x No. of Days + 5% commercial tax Collected on the day of Delivery

Monthly Rental Deposit of 1 Month = Deposit & 1 Month rental is collected on the day of Delivery Monthly Rental is collected at the beginning of following months

For Yearly Rental Deposit of 12 Months (Brand New) = Deposit (10% of the asset value) is collected on the 30days before Delivery, Lease Payment is collected monthly

For Yearly Rental Deposit of 12 Months (Pre -owned) = Deposit (3 Months lease charges) is collected on the 7 days before Delivery, Lease Payment is collected monthly

Driver Package

  Week Days   Monday to Saturday
  Off Day   Sunday
  Standard Working Hours   8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  •   2_7.5 mins Break for refreshments
  •   1_45 mins Break for Lunch/Meal (Break shall be flexible based on the work requirement,  the  same  shall  be  mutually aligned by the Lessee & Driver)
  •   Adherence to Gazette holidays
  •   Any public Holidays as and when declared by Government due to force majeure
  Complementary Hours
  •  – 1 Hour a day (addition to standard working hours)
  •  – Flexible  Mode  _  can  be  opted  based  on customer need
  •  – Valid only for the day , if not availed the same is lapsed

Over Time

Lessee shall pay overtime charge of 2,000 MMK for every hour of driver service used and of the overtimes is needed on holidays, Lessee shall pay double the amount of normal overtime, which is 4,000 MMK for every hour of driver service used. Driver overtime will be calculated on a time sheet provided by Lessor which is to be note down and signed by both driver and the Lessee.

Out of Yangon Trips

Lessee shall pay hardship allowance of 20,000 MMK for out of Yangon trips tha t doesn’t require overnight stay, for trips that require overnight stay lessee shall pay 40,000 MMK per day.